How to Beat the Facebook News Feed Update


by Anthony Santillo Since the announcement of the new Facebook news feed update last month, there have been many concerns from businesses about their organic reach and how it will be affected. Rest assured, there are ways to get around this update to ensure that your content is still being seen by the people who like… [Read More]

The Benefits of Landing Pages


by Kyle O’Hare The goal of your online marketing efforts is to convert site visitors into customers. Landing pages are an absolute must for achieving the best conversion rates and getting the most out of your marketing investments. Your website is an all-encompassing resource that offers information on your company and the various products and… [Read More]

Turn Those Mortgage Leads Into Closed Deals


Are getting a good amount of mortgage leads coming through your website but can’t seem to convert those into closed loans? You’ve come to the right place! This article is designed to help you build a system that will turn more leads into solid deals. These are all tips gathered by successful loan officers and… [Read More]

Local SEO – Back to Basics


by Novi S. Search engine optimization may seem like a labyrinth of complicated strategies, but the truth is there are simple things you can do to boost your Local SEO. Here are 3 easy ways you can optimize your site for local searches: 1) Online directories Your business information is online, whether you put it… [Read More]

Will Your Leads Decrease in October?


In January, Google announced they would display a “not secure” warning in the Chrome browser for websites that gather sensitive information like credit card numbers and are not on a secure server. This was their effort to help cut down on identity theft online and protect consumers. They also started using the SSL Certificate as… [Read More]