Taking Control of Your Business’ Social Ranking


Written by Kyle O. Social ranking is an umbrella term that describes several different ways that your business is evaluated and graded online by customers. Social ranking is fluid, changing as more and more people write reviews, testimonials, and critique your business online. In the digital age, your social ranking is a crucial metric that oftentimes may determine whether someone patronizes your… [Read More]

Get a Grip on Your Social Channels with a Social Media Audit


A strong and unified social media presence is an important part of any modern business’ digital strategy. Unless you’re a digital marketing pro, you may be unclear where to begin when it comes to creating a comprehensive and aligned social strategy. In this week’s blog, we’ll discuss the social media audit, which can diagnose any problematic or disjointed… [Read More]

Becoming a Pro at Content Distribution

Content thumb

By Kyle O. Like any aspect of building your business, creating a strong and visible online presence requires an informed and flexible strategy. The content you create online is neither effective or profitable when you don’t reach the right audience: customers. Content distribution is the field of online marketing that revolves around the way you… [Read More]

5 Ways to Simplify Marketing for Small Businesses


by Novi S. A phrase we hear occasionally from our clients is, “I’m not a marketing person”. We often hear this when discussing the more technical side of marketing – using terms like SEO, PPC, bounce rate, click rate, open rate, etc. This jargon probably sounds like a foreign language, so it’s no surprise that… [Read More]

How to Beat the Facebook News Feed Update


by Anthony Santillo Since the announcement of the new Facebook news feed update last month, there have been many concerns from businesses about their organic reach and how it will be affected. Rest assured, there are ways to get around this update to ensure that your content is still being seen by the people who like… [Read More]

The Benefits of Landing Pages


by Kyle O’Hare The goal of your online marketing efforts is to convert site visitors into customers. Landing pages are an absolute must for achieving the best conversion rates and getting the most out of your marketing investments. Your website is an all-encompassing resource that offers information on your company and the various products and… [Read More]

Turn Those Mortgage Leads Into Closed Deals


Are getting a good amount of mortgage leads coming through your website but can’t seem to convert those into closed loans? You’ve come to the right place! This article is designed to help you build a system that will turn more leads into solid deals. These are all tips gathered by successful loan officers and… [Read More]