Three Facebook Page Metrics that Can Make All the Difference

Being familiar with the metrics Facebook uses to determine the effectiveness of your business page will definitely help you with the way you market your campaign. Not only is Facebook currently the largest social networking site, but it also collects ample amounts of information about its users. Facebook’s newly revamped Insights is a great way… [Read More]

Determining a Buyer’s Persona

Determining a buyer’s persona is a crucial element for successful inbound marketing, particularly for sales. It is important to know who you are marketing and selling to. Ask yourself these simple questions about your target audience to determine how to go about your personas. 1. What is their demographic information? To perform more targeted offline… [Read More]

Avoid Getting Banned on Social Networks

In recent cases, social networks have responded to users who have broken terms of service (TOS). When taking a further look, you can see that across various social networks, different opinions as to what is deemed acceptable behavior and what is considered banned. Let’s take a look at the TOS of our favorite social media… [Read More]

4 Tips to Keep Your Website Ahead of the Curve in 2012

Some major points that are often overlooked by business owners is poorly designed and outdated websites. Think about it, if you were shopping or researching online you wouldn’t want to look at a boring, two column default template sites. Even worse is broken assets and links, confusing disorderly pages, and pointless widgets that do nothing… [Read More]

Google Search and Google+ Collide

Google has made integrating your Google+ account with your every day Google search usage just a little easier. Beginning this month, your personal circles and interests will be mixed in with organic search results. If you have a Google+ account and are logged in, all you have to do to find someone in your circle… [Read More]

“Thank You” Landing Pages to Improve Lead Reconversion

A simple ‘Thank You’ message can go a long way. Once you receive a new lead that has filled out a form, always send them to a Thank You page that will deliver them the information promised on the landing page. Just like a landing page, there are many distinct strategies to use to optimize… [Read More]

Calls to Action and Social Media for Facebook Apps Combined

Having a call to action and a Social Media presence are two musts in today’s business world to generate inbound leads. Because both aspects are very important, it makes sense that you would combine these two powerful tools to get better results. While some subscribers to marketing programs already have tools they pay for to… [Read More]