Digital Marketing No-No’s


Breaking news: no matter how great your business is doing, you’re likely making at least one digital marketing-mistake. Don’t worry, after quickly reading this, you’ll be able to recognize what you’re doing wrong and correct it. To start (and not to be Captain Obvious here), do not ignore your digital marketing assets. Use your Facebook… [Read More]

Tips To Improve Your Email Skills


Emails. We all get them at work, and spend a ton of time writing and answering them. We type our thoughts out and hit send without giving much thought to what we’re actually doing. However, there are some things you can do to improve your email skills that can actually help your career. Sure, there’s… [Read More]

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Free Company Website


“Build your own website”, they said. “You can do it all for free”, they said. “There’ll be no problems”, they said. It’s certainly understandable for small business owners to want to save money and use the most cost-effective methods to run their companies. However, using a free-website builder to construct and host your site just… [Read More]

Some Local SEO Tips for your New Website


You Have a New Website…Great! But how are your potential clients going to find you? When a business serves a selective location, as well as, the surrounding areas, it’s important to ensure that its website is locally optimized. Here’s a local SEO tip, If you don’t, it will be difficult to expect any potential customers… [Read More]

Tips on Generating More Traffic To Your Site


Many of the best methods and practices of generating more traffic to your site can actually be aided by Google. To start, submit your site’s pages to Google’s index for free. Use Google’s webmaster tools so its web crawler can thoroughly review your site. Google will also get to find out which of your pages… [Read More]

220 Marketing Will Be in Attendance at San Diego I-Day on April 15th, 2015


Internet-based marketing company will be showcasing its Insurance Marketing Platform live at I-Day in San Diego on April 15, 2015. Insurance agents will have full access to ask questions and get marketing tips from highly trained marketing consultants specializing in insurance. San Diego, Ca (PRWEB) April 07, 2015 220 Marketing is set to be in… [Read More]

Why Using Social Media is Important For Your Business


Anyone in business these days who thinks having a website is enough is sadly mistaken. There’s an entire digital storefront out there in the form of social media. That’s right, sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram can easily be capitalized on by your business! Even if you’re still not interested in social media,… [Read More]

How to Optimize Your Website


Ensuring search engines continuously not only find your site and its corresponding pages, but also rank your pages’ relevancy to get to the top of search engine results must always be a priority. Optimizing your website is a constant process that needs frequent maintaining, it’s not a one-time thing! Let’s take a look at some… [Read More]

Why You Should Nurture Your Leads


Some businesses roll over and hit the snooze button when lead nurturing is brought up. However, it can be critical for success. Just because a customer isn’t ready to make a purchase from your website doesn’t mean you’re at a disadvantage. Through lead nurturing, you can get a fantastic return-on-investment by simply not giving up… [Read More]