Inside Look on the new TweetDeck by Twitter

Twitter’s newest addition, TweetDeck offers a fresh new look to its original desktop app. The conversion is complete and ready to use! You’ll notice the same functionalities as the original Twitter you know and love, but TweetDeck offers new and improved capabilities as well. New changes that you’ll notice include boldface names for every tweet,… [Read More]

Acquiring Customers through Social Media

It’s safe to say, social media is here to stay! It is no longer the new hot craze you can pass off in hopes that it goes away. Social Media needs to be considered at the strategic level of your marketing decision making process. Social media platforms should be used to not only keep in… [Read More]

Google+ for iOS Update

Google has released an update for Google+ iOS and this update is getting a lot of attention. A search bar has been added to the application to make finding content a little simpler. This update is compatible with all iOS 4.0 and later. While the new update will not make the app look any better… [Read More]

Google Analytics 10 New Features

1. Updated Dashboards With the new dashboard format, you can create up to 20 personalized dashboard views. This will allow you to personalize your account to display information that is most relevant to your business. This will allow everyone to view all of the statistics they need without having to navigate through links making this… [Read More]

Real Estate Marketing

220 Real Estate Marketing Systems · Plug Into the Power of 220 220 Real Estate Marketing clients charge when the rest of the industry is in retreat! Its 2011 and the time is now to take your real estate business to the next level. 220 Marketing can help you achieve your professional goals even in… [Read More]

Mortgage Websites

220 Mortgage Marketing Systems · Plug Into the Power of 220 Its 2011, what are you doing right now to grow your business in a down market? The highly customizable 220 Mortgage Marketing System will help you achieve your professional goals this year and beyond. 220 offers mortgage marketing tools and websites that utilize the… [Read More]