Why Google+ Is in a Position to Succeed at Business

Google+ was released last summer with full forces, ready to compete with Facebook. Despite having more than 100 million users, Google+ has failed to slow Facebook’s growth. But don’t dismiss Google+ just yet. The network is becoming the social networking tool of choice for savvy business owners and office workers. A recent Forrester study reported… [Read More]

Google’s New Algorithm Will Punish Overly Optimized Sites

Search engine giant Google announced that they will be rolling out a new algorithm designed to reward those with relevant content written with the reader in mind and in turn penalize those that write just for the search engines to find their site. This is another step in the direction Google is trying to take… [Read More]

7 Steps to Creating a Powerful Landing Page

7 Steps to Creating a Powerful Landing Page While most inbound marketing strategists are skilled at creating great content on Youtube channels and drafting lead nurturing email campaigns, they have the tendency to only focus on conversion when designing landing pages and overlook simple tweaks that will make people abandon a page.  Below you will… [Read More]

5 Ways to Get Ready for Facebook’s Timeline Launch

Facebook is planning to convert business pages to the Timeline format. The announcement of Timeline for business pages is expected to come on February 29th during a marketing conference in New York City. When Timeline was rolled out for personal profiles there were a lot of mixed feelings. Timeline hasn’t been an option for brands… [Read More]

Boosting Your SEO with Google+

Google is doing everything possible to coerce its users to join Google+, its latest social networking platform. The plugs for Google+ have been anything but subtle and are displayed on Google’s homepage with a call-to-action. New Gmail accounts even come with automatic Google+ registration. Ever since Google introduced its Google Plus Your World in January… [Read More]

How to Make Your Company a Social One

Using social networking for businesses doesn’t end at just having a Facebook or Twitter account. A social business will engage the entire company, and take advantage of opportunities to advance the company’s internal community and preach valuable social media skills as it grows and evolves. The challenge is getting everyone on board. Here are some… [Read More]